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By joining our chapter, you will receive a current copy of the Pygmy Owl (black & white) delivered to your mailbox by the U.S. Postal Service and you will have access to the most current issues in color online in the member's only section of our website. Published monthly except July and August. 

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  • June 2016: It's Time to Stand Up for Public Lands, by Kim Thorburn; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Trip, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Of Feathers and Fur: Drawing with Ava, Mentoring as a Way to Nurture Appreciation for Nature and for Each Other, by Carmen Yount; Field Trip Report: Peone Prairie Trip, by Bea Harrison; Field Trips.
  • May 2016: Program: Twenty Days in Sabah, featuring Spokane Audubon's Ann Brinly; Fifth Annual Flowers, Floods & Feathers Festival (in association with Cheney's MayFest) at Turnbull NWR; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2017 Spokane Audubon Calendar Photo Contest Announcement; Field Trip Report: Beginning Birders Walk at Turnbull NWR, by Fran Haywood; May & June Field Trips. 
  • April 2016: Program: The Once and Future River: An Ecological Vision for the Spokane River, featuring the Gonzaga University Environmental Studies Senior Class; Scholarship Opportunity: The Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2017 Spokane Audubon Calendar Contest Rules; Field Trip Report: Bluebird Trip, by Marian Frobe; Lewis's Woodpecker Boxes, by Kim Thorburn; April & May Field Trips.
  • March 2016Program: Forestry is for the Birds (and Other Critters too), with Wildlife Biologist Michael Munts; Help Wanted: Newsletter EditorSights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Special Event: "Think & Drink"Crossing Paths with Washington’s Wildlife: Get Nest Boxes Ready For New Occupants; SAS 2017 Rio Grande Trip Announcement; Field Trip Report: Winter Visitors Trip, by Fran Haywood; Announcements and Field Trips.
  • February 2016: Program: Kayaks to Airplanes and Dip Nets to Whoosh Nets, Bea and Jim Harrison's Adventures in Citizen Science; Announcements; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; SAS Response to Occupation of Malheur NWRSpeak Out for Public Lands, by Kim Thorburn; 2015 Christmas Bird Count Recap, by Alan McCoy; Winter Lake and Wet Belt Field Trip Report, by Fran Haywood; Great Backyard Bird Count Announcement.
  • January 2016: Program: Riverside State Park: Spokane's Backyard Jewel, featuring Kim Thorburn; Announcements; 2016 Field Trips.
  • December 2015: Program: Preparing for the 2015 Christmas Bird Count, featuring Gary Blevins; Christmas Bird Count Announcement, by Alan McCoy; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Water is Key to Complete Wildlife Habitat, by Washington Fish & Wildlife; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Field Trip, by Norma Trefry; Habitat: If you build it, they will come... and not just the birds!, by Alan McCoy; The Value of Day-to-Day Sightings in eBird, by Carmen Yount; WDFW Wants Reports of Moose Sightings!; Warming Strategies of the Pygmy Nuthatch.
  • November 2015: Program: Fascinating Stories of Natural History and the People that Live Along Side Them, featuring Hazen Audel; Spokane Audubon Holiday Gift Shop; Calendar Reading; Audubon Bird Guide App is FREE!; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Tutorial: Using eBird to Find Out Where the Birds are Now, by Carmen Yount; Audubon Calendar Announcement; November & December Field Trips.
  • October 2015: Program: Climate Change: Controversy/Consensus, Denialism/Despair, Birds/Backyards, and the Contributions of Citizen Science, with Kittitas Audubon Society’s Barry Brunson, Jim Briggs and Judy Hallisey; Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; The Greater Sage Grouse Decision, by Kim Thorburn; 2016 Spokane Audubon Calendar announcement, featuring photos by Bea Harrison and Marlene Cashen; Hog Island Audubon Camp, by Mary Jokela; Upcoming Field Trips and Events.
    • September 2015: Program: Birds (and Beasts) of the Kalahari, with Ron Force; Spokane Audubon Field Trips, September & October; Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Loss of Forest Snags in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest; 2016 Spokane Audubon Calendar; Citizen Science Project: Report Moose Sightings with Smartphones; Upcoming events.
    • June 2015: Floods, Flowers & Feathers 2015: A Bird's-eye View of Turnbull NWR's Spring Festival; We Can't Drive There: Northeast Washington Wolf Issues - Range Riding, by Mary Jokela; After the Spark: Trashbird Miracles, by Kenn Kaufman (from Bird Watcher's Digest, reprinted with permission); Sagebrush Songbird Survey 2015; Field Trips, June - December
    • May 2015: Program: Washington Loons, with Ginger & Daniel Poleschook; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; First Visit of the Spring, by Ron & Pat Dexter; 2016 Spokane Audubon Photo Contest; 2015 Turnbull NWR Spring Festival; Field Trip Report: Bluebird Trip, by Marian Frobe; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Trip, by Fran Haywood; Field Trips for May and June.
    • April 2015: Program: Kate Davis, of Raptors of the Rockies; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2016 Spokane Audubon Calendar Photo Contest; Lincoln Cell Tower, by Mary Jokela; Bee Aware, by Mary Jokela; Field Trips for April and May.
      • March 2015: Program: Owls of the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge, with Michael Munts; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Field Trip Report: Winter Lake and Wetbelt Trip, by Joyce Alonso; Citizen Science Initiative: Hummingbirds at Home; Deep Creek Preserve Public Tour; Field Trip Report: Snowy Owl Trip, by Fran Haywood; Project SNOWstorm; Columbia Plateau Songbird Survey, Spokane Training; March, April & early May Field Trips.
      • February 2015: Program: MAPS: A Program to Monitor Avian Productivity and Survivorship, with Lindell Haggin; The 2015 Great Backyard Bird Count; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Mt. Spokane Ski Area Expansion Challenged, by Greg Gordon and Mike Petersen; Treasurer's Report, by Lindell Haggin; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; Field Trip Report: What Field Trip could you take and see a Golden Eagle, Great Egrets and Eastern Blue Jays?, by Gary Blevins; The Little Blue Heron and Migratory Vagrancy, by Kim Thorburn; February and March Field Trips. 
      • January 2015: Field Trip Edition! Program: How to Get the Perfect Shot: A Bird Photographer's Secrets, featuring wildlife photographer Ron Smith; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; 2015 Field Trips.
      • December 2014 Program: Preparing for the Christmas Bird Count, with Gary Blevins; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Field Trip Report: Sprague Lake Birding Trip, by Norma Trefry; The Joys of Bird Banding at Turnbull NWR, by Joyce Alonso; The Audubon Report: Birds & Climate Change, National Audubon Society & Audubon Washington; Bye-bye Birdie, by Jan Strobeck.
      • November 2014 Program: Exploring South America, "the Bird Continent," with Pacific Biodiversity Institute's Lucila Castro and Peter Morrison; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Fall Birding from my Porch, by Alan McCoy; Book Review: "Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography," by Marlene Cashen.
      • October 2014 Program: Palouse - Rock Lake Conservation District Riparian Restoration, featuring District Manager Dan Harwood; Notes from the President, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Jon Isacoff; Pelagic Birding, by Kim Thorburn; Addressing Concerns about Forage Fish: Pacific Fishery Management Council Meeting Report, by Mary Jokela; Bird & Bike Trip: Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, by Alan McCoy.
      • September 2014 Program: Washington's Not-so-common Loon, with Ginger Gumm; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Cornell Lab of Ornithology's YardMap; Little Pend Oreille Campout Report, by Fran Haywood; Field Trips and Events.
      • May 2014 Program: Electronic Tools for Birding, with SAS Webmaster Alan McCoy; International Migratory Bird Day 2014, by Kim Thorburn; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Remembering Bob Griffith, by Jan Reynolds; 2015 Calendar Photography Contest Guidelines; May Events at Turnbull NWR; SAS Field Trips.
      • April 2014 Program: Gonzaga University Environmental Studies Student Presentations; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; Western Screech Owl Encounter, by Ron Dexter; 2015 Calendar Contest Announcement; March Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; CdA Audubon Program; Celebrate Earth Day with PBS and A Fierce Green Fire; April and May Events. 

      • March 2014 Program: 23 Years of Bird Monitoring at Turnbull NWR, with Wildlife Biologist Mike Rule; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; Songbird and Barn Owl Field Work Opportunities; Spotlight on Education, by Kim Thorburn and Joyce Alonso; Friends of Turnbull Annual Fundraiser and Dinner Auction Announcement; Field Trips and Events.
      • February 2014 Program: Of Wolves and Warblers: The Cascading Impacts of Yellowstone's Wolf Restoration, with Greg Gordon; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; Prairie Grouse Get Generous Christmas Present, by Lindell Haggin; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds;Unsung Heroes; 2014 Great Backyard Bird Count; SAS Field Trips and Events.
      • January 2014 Program: Hot Spot: Point Reyes, California, with Kim Thorburn; 2014 Field Trips; Field Trip Report: Douglas Plateau Northern Visitors Trip, by Kim Thorburn.
      • December 2013 Program: Preparing for the Christmas Bird Count, with Gary Blevins; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; These Ornaments are for the Birds!; Holiday Gift Guide for Bird Enthusiasts; December Field Trips and Events; Build a Chickadee Roost Box.
      • November 2013 Program: Hanford and the Columbia River, with Columbia Riverkeeper Hanford Coordinator Theresa Labriola; Letter from Fran Haywood;Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Common Birds of the Spokane Region and Where to Find Them, compiled by Jim Acton & Fran Haywood; Events for November and December.
      • October 2013 Program: Preserving Old Growth Habitat on Mt. Spokane, with Lands Council Executive Director Mike Petersen; Letter from the Editor; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Introducing Washington's Newest Important Bird Area: Lake Creek IBA, by Kim Thorburn; The Lands Council Wins Lawsuit to Protect Old Growth Forest in Mt. Spokane State Park; Events for October and November.
      • September 2013 Program: Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden, with Master Gardener Eva Lusk; Letter from the Editor; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; 2013 Loon Banding Report, by Chris Loggers; Great Gray Owl Update, by Mike Munts; 2014 Calendars are Here!; Events for September and October. 
      • June 2013 Turnbull Spring Festival Recap, by Joyce Alonso; Letter from the Editor; A Tale of Two Cities (in one week): Birding New York City and Spokane, by Carmen Yount; Upcoming Field Trips; Using a Bird ID Scavenger Hunt to Teach Kids (and Adults) about Birds, by Carmen Yount. 
      • May 2013 Program: Connecting Kids to Nature, with Environmental Educator Jami Ostby Marsh; President's Message from Kim, 2014 Calendar Contest Submission Guidelines, Winter Visitors Field Trip Report, by Joyce Alonso; Field Trips and Events for May and June; 2nd Annual Turnbull NWR Spring Festival.
      • April 2013 Program: For the Love of Ants: Diversity in Superorganism, with Laurel Hansen; Letter from the Editor; Field Trip Reports: Bluebird Field Trip, by Marian Frobe, and Beginning Bird Walk at Turnbull, by Fran Haywood; 2014 Calendar Contest Guidelines Announced; SAS Field Trips for April and May; Volunteer Opportunities, by Joyce Alonso.
        • March 2013 Program: Great Gray Owls, with Michael Munts; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Spokane Audubon 2012 Christmas Bird Count Summary, by Alan McCoy; March/April Events.
          • February 2013 Program: I Hunt, therefore I Am (what?), with Rich Landers; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Snowy Owl Pellet, by Ron Dexter; Field Trip Report: Banana Belt Trip, by Cindy McCormack; Great Backyard Bird Count; February/March Events.
          • January 2013 Field Trip Edition; Program: Birding in Peru, with Lindell Haggin and Joyce Alonso; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack, 2013 Field Trips.
          • December 2012 Program: What does CBC Data tell us about how climate change is affecting bird populations?, featuring Gary Blevins; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; 2013 Calendar Photo Preview;Conservation Action: Save the Glenrose-Dishman Hills Connection to the Dream Trail; December Field Trip.
          • November 2012 Program: Reproductive Ecology of the White-headed Woodpecker in Washington’s Ponderosa Pine Forests, with Jeff Kozma; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Unsung Heroes: Marlene & Bob Cashen, by Fran Haywood; Calendar Photo Preview;Audubon National President Marks Completion of Washington Birding Trail; Field Trips.
          • October 2012 Program: Bird-related Research and Monitoring at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, with Mike Rule; President's Message from Kim; Fire on the Shrub-Steppe; Calendar Photo Preview and event announcement; Upcoming events.
          • September 2012 Program: Ecology, Species Interactions, and Conservation of the Shrub-steppe, with Mike Livingston; President's Message from Kim; Call for Board Elections; 2013 Calendar Announcement; Summer Campout Report, by Joyce Alonso; Unsung Hero, by Fran Haywood; Diary of a Bird Nerd: Volunteering at the OLC, by Carmen Yount; Rufous Hummingbird Report, from Howard Ferguson; Field Trips for September and October.
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