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          Sage and sharp-tailed grouse are listed as threatened species in Washington State.  Population trend data indicate that populations of both species continue to decrease.  Without intervention, these grouse risk complete extirpation in the future.  The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, along with partner agencies, is undertaking a recovery project with the goal of de-listing both species. 

          The project involves re-introduction of grouse from healthier populations to rehabilitated historic ranges.  Close monitoring of the translocated birds is needed to ensure the success of the project and improve opportunities for the survival of the birds.

          Auduboners can help by volunteering to assist with the project.  Volunteers are needed for:

  • ·       Adopt-a-Lek
  • ·       Trapping birds in Oregon and Idaho for translocation
  • ·       Radio-tracking translocated birds.

         For more information, contact Mike Atamian, Wildlife Biologist at the Spokane District of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Phone (509)892-1001 ext 327

Cell (509) 710-2662



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