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Click on  a link for a color PDF version of our normally black and white publication, The Pygmy Owl.

By joining our chapter, you will receive a current B&W copy of the Pygmy Owl delivered to your mailbox by the U.S. Postal Service and you will have access to the most current issues in color online in the member's only section of our website. Published monthly except July and August. Many thanks for helping support our conservation & education programs with your membership!

  • March 2014 Program: 23 Years of Bird Monitoring at Turnbull NWR, with Wildlife Biologist Mike Rule; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds; Songbird and Barn Owl Field Work Opportunities; Spotlight on Education, by Kim Thorburn and Joyce Alonso; Friends of Turnbull Annual Fundraiser and Dinner Auction Announcement; Field Trips and Events.
  • February 2014 Program: Of Wolves and Warblers: The Cascading Impacts of Yellowstone's Wolf Restoration, with Greg Gordon; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; Sights & Sounds, by Tim O'Brien; Prairie Grouse Get Generous Christmas Present, by Lindell Haggin; SAS Board Report, by Ed Reynolds;Unsung Heroes; 2014 Great Backyard Bird Count; SAS Field Trips and Events.
  • January 2014 Program: Hot Spot: Point Reyes, California, with Kim Thorburn; 2014 Field Trips; Field Trip Report: Douglas Plateau Northern Visitors Trip, by Kim Thorburn.
  • December 2013 Program: Preparing for the Christmas Bird Count, with Gary Blevins; President's Message, by Fran Haywood; These Ornaments are for the Birds!; Holiday Gift Guide for Bird Enthusiasts; December Field Trips and Events; Build a Chickadee Roost Box.
  • November 2013 Program: Hanford and the Columbia River, with Columbia Riverkeeper Hanford Coordinator Theresa Labriola; Letter from Fran Haywood;Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Common Birds of the Spokane Region and Where to Find Them, compiled by Jim Acton & Fran Haywood; Events for November and December.
  • October 2013 Program: Preserving Old Growth Habitat on Mt. Spokane, with Lands Council Executive Director Mike Petersen; Letter from the Editor; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Introducing Washington's Newest Important Bird Area: Lake Creek IBA, by Kim Thorburn; The Lands Council Wins Lawsuit to Protect Old Growth Forest in Mt. Spokane State Park; Events for October and November.
  • September 2013 Program: Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden, with Master Gardener Eva Lusk; Letter from the Editor; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; 2013 Loon Banding Report, by Chris Loggers; Great Gray Owl Update, by Mike Munts; 2014 Calendars are Here!; Events for September and October. 
  • June 2013 Turnbull Spring Festival Recap, by Joyce Alonso; Letter from the Editor; A Tale of Two Cities (in one week): Birding New York City and Spokane, by Carmen Yount; Upcoming Field Trips; Using a Bird ID Scavenger Hunt to Teach Kids (and Adults) about Birds, by Carmen Yount. 
  • May 2013 Program: Connecting Kids to Nature, with Environmental Educator Jami Ostby Marsh; President's Message from Kim, 2014 Calendar Contest Submission Guidelines, Winter Visitors Field Trip Report, by Joyce Alonso; Field Trips and Events for May and June; 2nd Annual Turnbull NWR Spring Festival.
  • April 2013 Program: For the Love of Ants: Diversity in Superorganism, with Laurel Hansen; Letter from the Editor; Field Trip Reports: Bluebird Field Trip, by Marian Frobe, and Beginning Bird Walk at Turnbull, by Fran Haywood; 2014 Calendar Contest Guidelines Announced; SAS Field Trips for April and May; Volunteer Opportunities, by Joyce Alonso.
    • March 2013 Program: Great Gray Owls, with Michael Munts; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Spokane Audubon 2012 Christmas Bird Count Summary, by Alan McCoy; March/April Events.
      • February 2013 Program: I Hunt, therefore I Am (what?), with Rich Landers; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Snowy Owl Pellet, by Ron Dexter; Field Trip Report: Banana Belt Trip, by Cindy McCormack; Great Backyard Bird Count; February/March Events.
      • January 2013 Field Trip Edition; Program: Birding in Peru, with Lindell Haggin and Joyce Alonso; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack, 2013 Field Trips.
      • December 2012 Program: What does CBC Data tell us about how climate change is affecting bird populations?, featuring Gary Blevins; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; 2013 Calendar Photo Preview;Conservation Action: Save the Glenrose-Dishman Hills Connection to the Dream Trail; December Field Trip.
      • November 2012 Program: Reproductive Ecology of the White-headed Woodpecker in Washington’s Ponderosa Pine Forests, with Jeff Kozma; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Unsung Heroes: Marlene & Bob Cashen, by Fran Haywood; Calendar Photo Preview;Audubon National President Marks Completion of Washington Birding Trail; Field Trips.
      • October 2012 Program: Bird-related Research and Monitoring at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, with Mike Rule; President's Message from Kim; Fire on the Shrub-Steppe; Calendar Photo Preview and event announcement; Upcoming events.
      • September 2012 Program: Ecology, Species Interactions, and Conservation of the Shrub-steppe, with Mike Livingston; President's Message from Kim; Call for Board Elections; 2013 Calendar Announcement; Summer Campout Report, by Joyce Alonso; Unsung Hero, by Fran Haywood; Diary of a Bird Nerd: Volunteering at the OLC, by Carmen Yount; Rufous Hummingbird Report, from Howard Ferguson; Field Trips for September and October.
      • June 2012 No general meetings in June, July or August. Homeschoolers' Art and Comments; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Letter to Spokane Audubon and president's response; Spring Events at Turnbull NWR, by Joyce Alonso; Field Trip Report: Sage Brush Specialties, by Brian Miller; Field Trips, Mid-June - December.
      • May 2012 Program: Fergie's Birds, Part II; 2013 SAS Calendar Contest Guidelines; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; A Fall Raptor Tour, Part Two, by Carolyn Wilcox; Unsung Hero, by Fran Haywood; Bluebird Field Trip Report, by Marian Frobe; May events at Turnbull NWR; SAS Field Trips, May through mid-June.
        • April 2012 Program: Birds of the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge and the Slide Creek Fire, with Mike Muntz; 2013 SAS Calendar Contest Guidelines; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; A Fall Raptor Tour, Part One, by Carolyn Wilcox; Reardan Wildlife Area Kiosk Dedication on April 29, 2012; Upcoming Events at Turnbull NWR; SAS Field Trips for April and May.
        • March 2012 Program: Bedazzling & Befuddling: Getting to Know Butterflies of the Inland Northwest, with John Baumann; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Snowy Owl Field Trip Report, by Fran Haywood (featuring photos by Marlene Cashen); Remembering Some Unsung Heroes: Morey & Margaret Haggin, by Lindell Haggin; Inland NW Audubon Chapter Meeting Exchange; 2013 Calendar Contest Announcement; Field Trips coming up in March and April. 
        • February 2012 Program: Fergie's Birds & Adventures in SE Asia, with Howard Ferguson; The Great Backyard Bird Count; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Eagle Watch Field Trip Report, by Joyce Alonso; LC Valley Field Trip Report, by Cindy McCormack; Southern Snowies: The Snowy Owl Irruption of 2011-2012; Upcoming Events. This month's newsletter features photos by Tom Munson, Marlene Cashen and Cindy McCormack.
          • January 2012 Field Trip Edition; Program: Screening of Ghost BirdSights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Unsung Hero, by Fran Haywood.
          • December 2011 Program: Unusual Species Found During Christmas Bird Counts, with Gary Blevins; President's Message from Kim, Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; SAS at Grizzly Bear Workshop, by Lynn Noel; Conservation Chair Vacancy, by Mary Jokela; Unsung Heroes of Spokane Audubon, by Fran Haywood; The Birds of the 12 Days of Christmas, Inland Northwest Edition; December Field Trip.
          • November 2011 Program: Southern Africa as We Saw It, with Bob Griffith; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, by Cindy McCormack; Local Wild Bird Rehab Center (4 NW Birds) Seeking to Expand; Unsung Hero; Update from the Board, November-December events.
          • October 2011 Program: Falconry & Game Hunting: A Conservation Alliance; President's Message from Kim; Sights & Sounds, with Cindy McCormack; An Update on the Saltese Flats; Regional Advocacy for Sage-Grouse Protection; Unsung Hero; Messages from the Board; October-November events.
          • September 2011 Program: Our Diminishing Shrub-Steppe Community: Fragile, Abused, Imperiled; Katie's Korner; Remembering Dick Rivers; Big Lake Meadow Weekend; Unsung Hero; International Migratory Bird Day, 2011 Summary; September-October events.
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